2021 Year in Review

Strategic Planning Phases

Phase 1:  Plan and launch the school

Phase 2: Grow enrollment to critical mass

Phase 3: Establish a presence in our neighborhood

January – December 2021


Interest survey sent to families in the Kansas City area parishes about the idea of establishing an Orthodox school.


Fr. Turbo Qualls, rector of St. Mary of Egypt, announces plans to move forward on parish school project in September 2021.


Informational meeting with interested families and members of the community takes place at St. Mary of Egypt, hosted by Principal Felicity Finzer.


St. Mary’s parish council approves operational funds for the first full school year and use of the St. Moses House as the school building.


Adam Lockridge, former Director of St. Raphael School, an Orthodox online homeschooling program, appointed Headmaster of Mount Tabor School of the Liberal Arts.


First faculty meeting with 2021 faculty: Adam Lockridge, Felicity Finzer, Ian Flowers, Deb Lee, and Cecilia Garrett. Preparation begins for the 2021-22 academic year.


Building renovations completed at the St. Moses House, a former monastery and temporary housing owned by the parish.


27 students, 1st through 12th grade, begin Mount Tabor School’s inaugural year. The students include families from a variety of religious backgrounds–Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Protestant, and non-Christian.


Operations at school are in full swing with choir, catechism, hikes at the park, playing on the playground, morning prayers, weekly school Liturgies, math problems, science experiments, history timelines, classic literature, public speaking exercises, and much more…


Mr. Lockridge and Board Chairman Rdr. Nicholas Finzer attend Donor Development Bootcamp with the Herzog Foundation in Kansas City. This was a time of connecting with other leaders of schools from Kansas City and across the nation.


Headmaster Adam Lockridge presents on the current state and future plans for the school at the annual all parish assembly.

Our first ever year-end fundraising campaign, “buy a day at Mount Tabor School,” raised over $7000, ~50 days worth of support.

Thank you to our supporters, school families, board members, faculty, and volunteers who are working together to build a beautiful Orthodox school for our children (and, Lord-willing, our grandchildren) in the heart of Kansas City.