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Tuition |  $4,000


Nine monthly payments are due on the first of each month from September through May. Payment methods will be discussed and established with families upon enrollment.


Families with multiple students will receive a discounted rate beginning upon the enrollment of their second child. Tuition rates will decrease as follows:


Second child | $3,800

Third child | $3,600

Fourth child | $3,400


2021-2022 Fees:

In addition to tuition, you can expect the following fees. We strive to keep the structure of fees simple, and the costs to families feasibly low.

Enrollment Fee

$100 due upon submission of enrollment paperwork

Books and Curriculum Fee

$250* due July 30 .

*due upon enrollment if enrolled after July 30.

Materials Fee

$50 due with books and curriculum fee.

Upon submission of enrollment paperwork and appropriate fees, a uniform and supply list will be issued. This list will be limited but comprehensive of school supplies needed for the 2021-2022 school year.