Appeal for Orthodox Education in Kansas City

Dear Mount Tabor School supporter,

Or should I say, dear Believer in the Future of the Orthodox Church

In Socrates’ famous quote above he said that nobody (in their right mind) would willingly live in a place filled with corrupt youth or willingly contribute to their corruption.

And I’m sure you know why. You see proof of it every day. Because our youth are our future. And if our future is corrupt… there’s very little hope.

That’s why I’m writing to ask you to buy… a day at the Mount Tabor School in Kansas City, MO. 

Because this is the place where the future of our community, our parish, our city, our country becomes brighter.

You’d know exactly what I mean if you came to visit Mount Tabor School.  And you’d be filled with a sense of hope.

You’d see kids aged 6-18 reading and discussing the Bible, Aesop, Plato, Homer, and Dickens. These kids are studying, working, eating, and praying together. They are building a healthy community. And when they grow up and move on, they will sow these seeds in other communities, other parishes, other families… making them healthier and safer to live in.

But this future is only possible when generous people like you decide to help. Will you?

In 2022, a full day at the Mount Tabor School will cost $141 more than we are sure we can raise right now.

Every day the Mount Tabor School opens for classes… makes prosphora bread with the children… teaches them the foundations of the Orthodox faith… instills in them the basics of logic, rhetoric, Greek, history…  – will require $141 in philanthropy.

Can you help the school to survive in 2022?

As you probably know, the Mount Tabor school is donor-dependent. It can only survive because of those who truly believe in the future of our Church- like you-  are willing to invest in our mission and our vision.

Believer in the Future of the Orthodox Church is a person who realizes that educational reforms from above are not the answer… that what’s needed in education is Transfiguration… and that the Ancient Church holds the key.

And you said: “I want that in my world.”  

     Here’s the future you’ll help guarantee at Mount Tabor School:

  • Kids living Orthodoxy – every single day, not just once a week
  • A generation of young people who are given the lasting benefits of a classical and generations-tested education
  • A friendly environment that provides a haven from the distractions of technology and politically motivated curricula
  • Children who are devoted to the Church 
  • Perpetuating the 2,000 y.o. Orthodox culture and heritage 
  • Small classrooms
  • Family-like prayerful atmosphere
  • Learning traditional Orthodox arts (prosphora baking, icon painting, choir singing, etc.)

In short: a Little Church…

a strong community where kids learn that being Orthodox Christian is normal
a haven of time-tested and Church-approved normalcy in a world gone mad
and a place to get a fantastic classical education

A truly Herculean task? Perhaps. But it’s being nurtured and grown at the Mount Tabor School every single day. Well within the reach? Yes, but only if you can help by buying a day of the Mount Tabor School’s future.

         Because… we can’t do it without you.

It won’t be too much to say that you’ve already strengthened the Universal Orthodox Church by helping us open Mount Tabor School.

Because just since the beginning of the school year you’ve already:

  • nurtured nearly 30 children in the bosom of the Mother Church
  • made kids like 16 y.o. Alena feel a sense of belonging at Mount Tabor School 
  • helped kids like 12 y.o. McKenzie develop an interest in Orthodoxy
  • set nearly 30 children on the path of pursuit of Truth, wisdom and virtue

But most importantly – because of God-loving people like you – Mount Tabor School is an organization that cannot afford to fail.

So I’m asking for your help. I’m asking you to support a day of our future for $141.

I want you to know that we’ve already done as much as we can internally to offset our projected $20,000 shortfall in 2022.

All of us have voluntarily worked between 44-61 days without pay this year. And we also did things like yardwork, setting up the school building, cleaning after hours, cleaning bathrooms, and even building school tables.

Because like you – we are Believers in the Future of our Church, too.

Herculean tasks demand Believers. Believers like us. Believers like you. So please help us raise the $20,000 to close the remaining gap in 2022.

It only costs $141 a day.

Buy as many days as you’d like. Buy a day in honor of someone you love. Buy a Mount Tabor School day instead of a gift. Or get together with friends and buy a week.

We’re counting on you.

What day will your day be?

With love in Christ,

Adam Lockridge
Mount Tabor School Headmaster 

P.S. Please find it in your heart to give. Even if you can’t afford to buy a full day, please know that a gift of any size is very much needed and appreciated.

P.P.S. If you can’t give – please spread the word and pray for the future of Mount Tabor School.  Because whether financially or prayerfully – we can’t do without you.