Why choose Mount Tabor?

Because your child deserves an education that is transfigured! Keep reading to find out what differentiates us and truly transfigures the way children are educated.

At Mount Tabor School of the Liberal Arts…

Your child will receive individualized attention.

Our class sizes are intentionally kept small, we aim for 12 students and cap our classes at 15. This allows teachers to know the students in their class, to understand their loves and affections, and to truly direct their academic progress and development as a person. One on one instruction and aid can become a reality when classes are capped at small sizes.

Your child will develop not only friendships, but academic camaraderie with their peers. We aim to feel like a family rather than a school- and our size allows it!

Your child will benefit from traditional teaching methods and curriculum.

Our highest aim is to cultivate wisdom, virtue, and eloquence by teaching students to seek what is true, good, and beautiful. In the pursuit of these things, we employ methods and curriculum that are traditional and veer away from the progressive and untested. C.S. Lewis stated, “If you are on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road.” Whereas many public and charter schools are meandering further and further along a road that appears to be wrong for the sake of progress, we are turning around and going back to methods and curriculum which were employed in the education of generations of elites and intellectuals over the course of hundreds of years. We believe that the education which was best for the best for so many years, is best for all. And we aim to provide it.

The cornerstones of this traditional methodology instruct us to value quality over quantity, make haste slowly, utilize repetition as a master in itself, employ rhythms, rhymes, chants, and routines in learning, cultivate leisure, and do all we can to promote wonder and curiosity.

Your child will understand the scope of history and literature. From beginning to end!

The basis of our Humane Letters (integrated Literature, History, Art History, and Philosophy) courses is the intention for our graduates to understand the scope of humanity and history. We therefore begin with pre-history and carry on until we reach the modern world. This sequence of learning not only integrates normally segregated disciplines to form a holistic understanding of history, but also provides foundational understandings before progressing through time. Understanding the Greeks allows one to understand the Romans, and in turn understand Christians and the development of the Middle Ages. If one truly begins at the beginning, the cornerstone is set in place before the building is constructed!

Your child will acquire a Christian formation.

Saint Anthony the Great said, “Intelligent men are not those who are erudite in the sayings and books of the wise men of old, but those who have an intelligent soul and can discriminate between good and evil.” At Mount Tabor, forming children who are able to observe, discuss, discern between good and evil is amongst our highest aims. The liberal arts and content studied for the training ground for practicing in the discrimination between good and evil- and developing the understanding of what is true and lasting versus that which is fleeting and fades away. Whilst the intellect is being worked upon and challenged, the soul must be addressed. We begin each day with prayer and integrate the formation of the soul into our academic work and ethos.  

Your child will enjoy a balanced childhood.

You may be accustomed to school environments that have your child sitting at a desk for nearly seven hours each day with a twenty minute lunch period and twenty minute recess. At Mount Tabor we believe that children need to be children. Our days are structured so that families can have peaceful and enjoyable mornings before school (we start at 9 am!) and such that students have an hour long break in the middle of the day, providing ample time for eating with their peers and post-lunch play outdoors. The younger students have additional breaks and outdoor time built into their morning and/or afternoon schedules. For our older students, we strive to offer them opportunities to complete work and attend classes outside.

At Mount Tabor our teachers strive to teach effectively in the classroom so that students have limited homework. It is our goal that the most homework any child who is academically on par only has reading homework- that is, they are only asked to read regularly at home! Curriculum is sculpted and designed to fit into class time in order that students get to be children at home. We challenge you to find out what a radical difference this will make in your life at home and time with your child(ren).

It is with great elation that we reveal the plan to open Mount Tabor School of the Liberal Arts in September 2021. After three years of planning, we open our doors with the mission of serving both Orthodox students and those from the local community. 

Enrollment begins on April 10th! Please see the enrollment page for details.