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Scholarship Partner

“Find out how much God has given you and from it take what you need; the remainder is needed by others.” -Saint Augustine of Hippo

One of the ways we support our students is by matching those with demonstrated needs to Scholarship Partners. These sponsors are able to personally and financially invest in the life of a student by their assistance with tuition. As a sponsor, you will draw alongside our faculty, students, and their families, helping to provide an education founded in the liberal arts, but oriented towards Christ. As our school grows and student body expands, we hope that sponsors will follow their students, continuing to give generously throughout that child’s education. 

We maintain that the family must participate in the burden of education and thus require that each family contribute 10% the cost of tuition annually, but we strive to match each incoming family that has demonstrated need with a scholarship partner willing to contribute up to 90%.

If you are interested in sponsoring an individual student, please contact us at or fill out the form on the donation page.

Class or Resource Sponsor

At this time we are also seeking out those who may wish to donate towards a certain purpose- the establishment of the library, sponsoring a fine arts elective, high school personal finance class, our choral and liturgical music program, the incorporation of martial arts as physical education- the opportunities abound. Reach out!