A Parish School

In September 2021, the families of St. Mary of Egypt took the bold step of opening a new parish day school serving students 1st through 12th grade. Twenty-seven students enrolled the first year including many children of parish families as well as others who were seeking a classical education deeply rooted in the rich tradition of the Orthodox Church. Our vision is to be both a thriving parish school and to be a catalyst for other parishes who wish to provide a beautiful education for their children.

A Traditional Education

Students at Mount Tabor School of the Liberal Arts receive the lasting benefits of a classical education in a friendly and focused environment that provides a haven from the distractions of technology and a reprieve from the social turmoil encouraged by politically-motivated curricula. Students will study history, literature, mathematics, science, and much more–all within the liberal arts framework and in harmony with Orthodox Christian teaching and practice.

A Neighborly Mission

The St. Mary of Egypt parish has a 30-year history of serving our neighbors in the urban core of Kansas City. The families of our church have heeded the call to make disciples of our own children while creating a wholesome educational alternative for the vulnerable children in our neighborhood.

A Christian Community

Mount Tabor School of the Liberal Arts views our students as more than students. They are the youngest members of our community, our neighbors, fellow bearers of the divine image, and the next generation of laborers in Christ’s Kingdom. The school, seen in this light, becomes a place to learn to love one another, to practice Christian forgiveness, and to raise up young men and women who have the wisdom and virtue they need to accomplish the work God is calling them to do.

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