Our weekly programs include liberal arts education, intentional spiritual formation, and leadership development

Experience school with Christ at the center.

Each Wednesday, in the middle of the school week, all students and many parents meet for worship at St. Mary of Egypt Orthodox Church.  After the service, our school community enjoys fellowship over lunch.  In the afternoon, students receive direct instruction in the Faith and practice sacred music in Choir class.  We aim to make Christ the center of everything we do–starting with our weekly schedule.

Inspiring classical curriculum

The heart of a classical curriculum is the pursuit of wisdom and virtue through the liberal arts.  The various components of a classical curriculum share in common the humane spirit–developing those capacities which are uniquely human.  The liberal arts include the 

Training for soul and body

MTS students enjoy a variety of opportunities to develop strength, coordination, and general fitness.

Raising servant leaders

The Common Arts, formerly known as the “servile arts,” are the arts of service.  Students learn leadership and personal responsibility by developing the skills of self-sufficiency and making themselves useful to their community.

College-model flexibility

Academic courses meet two days per week.  Lower School (K-6) meets on Monday/Thursday;  Upper School (7th – 12th) meets on Tuesday/Friday.   Our progams can be used to supplement homeschooling, create a flexible school schedule, or to complete a five-day school week.