A Parish School of St. Mary of Egypt Orthodox Church

A Place to Learn the Art of Living

A Letter from our priest

“Three years ago our parish, St. Mary of Egypt Orthodox Church, opened a small classical K-12 school for families within and outside our parish.   Mount Tabor School was born out of needs that I saw in children around me. I observed a growing distance between children and the richness of the world around them. This saddened me because this beautiful world is one that God had created for them to enjoy! 

Just as painful was the growing disconnect between parents and the joy of participating in their children’s education. 

Mount Tabor exists to reignite the spark of learning that is essential to the formation of the child’s soul. At Mt. Tabor, we strive to educate the students mind and expand and touch their soul.  MTS invites students into a deeper conversation through knowledge of trades and artisanship. 

Education is the means to give sight to the blind, and give technique to the art of living, in hopes that our children will grow up to not just survive in today’s world, but to truly thrive spiritually and in all facets of life.”

Fr. Turbo Qualls
Parish Priest
St. Mary of Egypt Orthodox Church

MTS at a Glance

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Our Mission

Mount Tabor School of the Liberal Arts exists to provide a classical education rooted in the Orthodox Christian tradition to the children of St. Mary of Egypt Orthodox Church, in Kansas City, Missouri.

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Our Vision

With God’s help, Mount Tabor School graduates will keep the Faith, share the love of Christ with others through their own lives and vocations, and become the next generation of Orthodox Christian leaders in all walks of life.

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