Through life skills, prayer, and tutoring, students are given the time and resources to grow beyond academics.

Growing the whole student

Our enrichment day offers a structured environment for students to work on academic work in the company of peers with the support of experienced tutors.  In addition, common arts courses may be offered occasionally by volunteers in life skills such as gardening, cooking, sewing, dance, drawing, and much more.

Common Arts Classes

“Learn to do common things uncommonly well.”   George Washing Carver

  • Cooking
  • Sewing
  • Farming
  • Drawing
  • Pyrography

Tutor-supervised study sessions

In a group study session, students can help one another, take breaks together, and get help from an experienced tutor.  While students could study at home by themselves, this is a great alternative for those who benefit from accountability and structure.

Prayer and spiritual readings

At the beginning of the day and throughout, students pray together and listen to spiritual readings from the lives of saints, the Church Fathers, and Holy Scripture.  This spiritual focus helps students to keep their studies in the right perspective and helps them rely on God for their energy and wisdom.

PE, Games, and Recess

Physical education, games, and recess offers students an opportunity to exercise their bodies as well as their minds.