Special Needs

MTS Lions Program

We designed the Mount Tabor School “Lions” Special Needs program to facilitate the inclusion of children with special needs in all of the programs we offer–common arts, liberal arts, and sacred arts.  It is named after Leo, the first student in our special needs program.


Classical Curriculum for Every Student

Classical curriculum has been successfully used with young people with a wide range of needs.  Memoria Press, for example, offers significant resources for supporting students with learning differences in the setting of a liberal arts school.  Our program draws on both the research and extensive published curriculum resources which help facilitate inclusion in the curriculum of Mount Tabor School.

Your Special Needs Team

Mount Tabor School is blessed to have multiple teachers with backgrounds in special education on our staff. In addition, MTS has a resident occupational therapist who helps create plans for students who need support in daily life tasks.  To learn more about our staff, visit our team and leadership page.

Learn More

Applications for admissions to the Lions program are considered from any family who has a child with special needs.  Given the limitations of our program, the application process is highly selective. If you are interested in learning more, schedule a consultation with the Headmaster.