Mount Tabor School’s flexible learning model aims to help families raise up young men and women of Christian character, and we recognize that schooling is not one-size-fits all.  Here are some resources we offer homeschoolers.

Yes, you are invited.

Homeschool families are invited to join the school children for a weekly Liturgy, meal, and any available religious instruction offered on that day (as available).  Occasionally we may host  open meetups or field trips.  Sign up to receive updates on school activities open to homeschoolers.

Classical courses, a la carte.

In the 2024-25 school year we aim to open a limited number of our courses to homeschoolers.  These would be weekly or biweekly classes which homeschooled students could join for a fee.  If you are interested in getting more information about these courses, please sign up for our mailing list.

Get ready for summer.

Last summer we offered our first summer class, an Ancient Greek immersion program.  In the future we hope to offer more summer opportunities.  Sign up for updates on summer courses.

Orthodox Homeschooling Advisor

This service invites families to an in-person or virtual meeting to receive information and instruction on homeschooling.  It is geared to help Orthodox Christian families but is open to any family who needs help getting started with homeschooling.  The service provides eight one-hour sessions which will culminate in a written homeschooling plan which will provide a roadmap for your homeschooling journey.  Topics covered in the eight sessions include:


  • Establishing your homeschooling values
  • Understanding your responsibilities as a homeschooling parent
  • Identifying the best curriculum for your children


The initial fee is $500 for eight sessions and the creation of your homeschool plan.  An annual $150 fee includes one annual plan renewal session as well as limited ongoing curriculum and instructional support.