Use Your Talents to Help Raise the Next Generation of Orthodox Christian Leaders

More than great teaching.

It takes great teachers to make a great school, but that is just the beginning.  The mission of MTS is fueled by the gift of time and talent from a wide variety of individuals who want to make a difference in the lives of young souls.  About any skill you have–IT, business, sales, marketing, cooking, or handyman skills–could be used to make a real impact for our students.  MTS offers an unsurpassed working environment and has been recognized for two years running as a “Best Christian Workplace.”  MTS offers inspiring, life-giving work in a supportive Christian environment where you will regularly see the fruits of your investment in the lives of students.

Open Positions

Faculty Character

MTS hires Orthodox Christians with the qualities we seek to instill in our students–a love of truth, proficiency in the liberal arts, and faithfulness to Christ.  Successful candidates possess a God-given talent for teaching and a demonstrate a commitment to the vocation through their personal scholarship and ongoing professional development.

Christian Role Models

Great Christian teachers must lead by example.  In the classroom or outside, MTS expects our teachers demonstrate humility, patience, and love to students.  Their lives must exemplify fear of the Lord, love of neighbor, adherence to the teachings of our Faith, and reverence for the traditions of the Orthodox Church.

The unique teaching environment at MTS requires a special kind of teacher.  Our teachers are “Swiss army knives,” multi-talented generalists teaching a variety of grade levels and subjects to a range of learners.  This requires a rare combination of talents–sensitivity to the needs of all students,  dedication to the craft of teaching, intuitive understanding of the aims of Christian education, and a broad enthusiasm for learning across disciplines and levels of instruction.

In a small school, we depend on our teachers for more than just classroom responsibilities.  Teachers help organize cleanup of meals, lead building maintenance, and host extracurricular activities.  These acts of service exemplify the care and hospitality we seek to inspire in our students. 

At MTS we seek to invite students into a culture of learning.  Students learn how to patiently ask questions, practice new skills, and acquire the skills necessary for independent learning by seeing it exemplified by their teachers.  MTS teachers need not be experts in a specific field of study, but they must be masters (and current practitioners) of the art of learning.  The best teachers are not experts but amateurs–the root word of which mean “to love.”  

Calling Aspiring Teachers

Do you feel called to be a Christian school teacher but don’t know where to start?  Are you considering applying but feel you might not be ready for the challenge?  Contact Headmaster Adam Lockridge to learn more about our Teaching Apprenticeship program.