Spiritual Life

A deep sense of the sacred permeates student life at MTS.  Explore the components of spiritual formation below.

“God, who fashioned us and brought us out of non-existence into being, has placed us in this life as in a schoolroom to learn the gospel of his kingdom.”

Wise and virtuous character comes only through a personal encounter with Christ. God reveals Himself to mankind in the life of Church through icons, incense, architecture, doctrine, hymns, and spiritual practices. 

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Students participate each week in the celebration of the Divine Liturgy by singing in the choir, serving in the altar, and praying together. Worshipping together is the core expression of faith and central to the formation of young souls.

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Some courses explicitly aim to help students grow in the knowledge of their faith and deepen their experience of God.  These include study the lives of saints, Holy Scripture, Church history, the spiritual life, liturgics, and doctrine.

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Faith Integration

No subject can be adequately taught apart from the light of Christ.  Each subject–from science to mathematics to literature–offers a unique opportunity to know the Creator of all things.

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Each morning students gather to pray and sing hymns together; Fr. Turbo concludes with a short reflection.

Teachers begin classes with prayer and encourage students in their own personal prayer life.

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Service Projects​

MTS students work with their hands to develop character and a work ethic.  This includes daily chores as well as regular larger service projects focussed on outreach into our community.

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“The person who loves God values knowledge of God more than anything created by God, and pursues such knowledge ardently and ceaselessly.”