Meet Fr. Turbo Qualls


Fr. Turbo is the rector at St. Mary of Egypt, Serbian Orthodox Church in Kansas City Missouri, where he lives  with his wife Juliana and their 8 children.

Fr. Turbo is also a retired professional tattoo artist. Having studied iconography within the Prosoponeschool of Iconography and most notably under the contemporary master iconographer, Fr. Stamatis Skliris of Athens, Fr. Turbo further augmented his education and skill in iconography by completing the Antiochian House of studies course in theology, with an emphasis in Iconology.

Fr. Turbo is also the former Dean of Chapters for the national chapter of the Brotherhood of St. Moses the Black. He has lectured in various parts of the United States in regard to the work of evangelization and cultural outreach within the United States. As a former youth minister within the evangelical church, Fr. Turbo has dedicated much of his life and work to the pragmatic and tangible articulation of Orthodox spirituality to both young people and spiritual seekers.