Meet Jacque Flowers

Choir Director and Special Needs Coordinator

Jacque Flowers comes to Mount Tabor School with a range of experience teaching choral singing, voice lessons, english language arts, and special education across all subject areas.  She earned her Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance with an emphasis in opera.  Jacque began her teaching career through a program at the University of Kansas called Talent Search 

where she helped low-income and immigrant students find post-secondary educational opportunities.  She went on to earn her Master of Arts in K-12 Special Education in 2016.  She has served as a case manager at Brookside Charter School.  In that role, she oversaw individualized instruction plans and offered both group and individual teaching  for students with learning disabilites.  Jacque has served as the choir director St. Mary of Egypt for nearly a decade.  Most recently she has been pursuing formal training as a choir director under Vladimir Gorbik of St. Sergius Lavra Cathedral in Russia. Jacque is the mother of two beautiful children who she hopes one day will attend Mount Tabor School where she teaches with her husband Ian.